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Harry Goetz   

Systems & UX Designer

My Role: Combat and UX design

For Hallowed Ground

Dates: September 2019 - December 2019

As a member of Cheddar is Better Studios, I worked to create engaging and strategic turn based combat systems.

Unity 3D

Team Size: 5

For Hallowed Ground: Formations and Combat

My primary focus on For Hallowed Ground was creating a strategic and rewarding combat system built around planning your moves and crushing your enemies with a unique spell casting system. 


Movement Philosophy:

Players are encouraged to plan their moves carefully by limiting their ability to rotate their pieces to the end of their turn, so other players can read where they are going to move. This Information allows players to attempt to read what other players are doing, what formation they are trying to set up, and generally where they are going.

Formations and Strategy:

Meanwhile, the formations systems acts as another incentive to focus on positioning and rotation in battle. The system works by allowing players to cast very powerful spells with unique effects, if they have enough resources, and arrange their units in a specific formation. These formations vary in size and complexity, based on the reward players receive for completing them. 


Holy Boulder sends a deadly giant rock rolling towards your enemies, this is the most damaging attack in the game, at the cost of 3 faith


Gods Blessing is a defensive buff that adds damage resistance for 3 turns, at the cost of 2 faith


Smite is a quick and utilitarian way to do good ranged damage, requires only 1 faith and 2 units in a very simple formation.

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