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Harry Goetz   

Systems & UX Designer

Ghost With The Most(Bones That Is)

My Role: Combat Design

Unity 2D

Team Size: 6 people

Dates: October 30th-31st 2017

Ghost With The Most was a super fun weekend game jam game I made with some friends in 2017. It is a competitive platformer where players are ghosts competing to collect a full skeleton. Each bone collected grants a new perk to players, but watch out for lightning struck floors as they will stun you and cost you a bone.


Creating Fun Competitive Platforming:

The trick to ghost with the most is that we had to make player versus player interaction enjoyable in a traditionally single player game type with single player goals. We achieved this through the addition of the spook mechanic. At the base level its just a standard basic shooting mechanic. However, The addition of the spooks ability to delete bones, solves two problems at once:

-One, it allows players to interact with other players without sacrificing their own progress

 -Two it gives players something to do if they mistakenly platform their way to a bone they already have, they wont feel like its a complete waste.

Ghost With The Most on Itch.Io:

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